Pray 3x every day, for 21 days, according to the community prayer topic.  (Locally, that’s over 2000 unified prayers in just 3 weeks!)

Each day consists of 4 things:

Read Pray Thank Apply

Weekly Focus:

- Week 1 Self-introspection 

- Week 2 Local fellowship                    

- Week 3 Community Outreach


Prayer has always been a foundational element to living a faith-full life.  There are many examples of our brothers and sisters in scripture who uttered prayers of faith and believed to the point of living in abandonment to the faithfulness of their God.  One of the most profound prayer warriors is Daniel.  Scripture tells us he set his heart on understanding the vision Yah gave him and he warred for 21 days in prayer to receive an answer. Elohim immediately dispatched a messenger the moment Daniel began to pray, but the messenger was delayed in the spiritual realm.  When the messenger finally arrived, he brought understanding to Daniel’s vision.  


At the center of our culture, we at Freedom Hill Community, believe in the power of unified prayer.  We believe that we as a community should be characterized as being the “first to pray” and to “pray without ceasing” until Yah speaks.  Therefore, we are dedicating the month of Elul leading up to the Feast of Trumpets to prayer and repentance before Yah; in order to draw near, seek physical, emotional, and spiritual restoration, and receive an outpouring of His Holy Spirit in our community.