Sukkot 2017 begins in the evening of Wednesday, October 4, and ends in the evening of Wednesday, October 12

High Sabbath: Sundown Oct. 4 to Sundown Oct. 5
High Sabbath: Sundown Oct. 11 to Sundown Oct. 12

What is Sukkot?

The feast of Sukkot, also known as the feast of Tabernacles, is considered to be the most joyous celebration on the Hebrew calendar.

Sukkot marks the end of the fall feasts. The name means "booths," and it comes from the mitzvah to dwell in booths (sukkot) during the festival (Leviticus 23:42). This mitzvah recalls the forty years during which the Israelites dwelled in booths as they wandered the desert after their deliverance from Egypt.