Are You a Trustworthy Witness?

Author: David Wilber

It's easy to get discouraged by the instability of our culture these days. There is a growing distrust towards our leaders, the Media, and each other—and for good reasons, in many cases! But we shouldn't feel hopeless. Instead we should consider this the perfect opportunity to be a light in the darkness by offering something different, something stable, something that people can hold on to.

What is causing all the distrust in our culture? To put it simply, people have become untrustworthy. And I’m not talking about just our political leaders and people in the Media, but also your average person on Social Media. For whatever reason—most often laziness—people just don’t take the time to verify stories before spreading them. And many times, sensational “news” stories, rumors, and conspiracy theories that go viral on Facebook and Twitter are easily proven to be bogus, thus hurting the credibility of anyone who shared them.

We as disciples of Yeshua (Jesus) are called to a higher standard than what we’ve been seeing in our culture. We have a responsibility to know and speak the truth, not lies. In fact, the Torah directly prohibits the spreading of false information:

You shall not spread a false report. (Exodus 23:1a)

So before you click that “share” button, remember the Lord’s command. Believers are not to be an “unjust witness” (Exodus 23:1b). Check your facts. And if you can't confirm whether something is true or not, then err on the side of caution and don’t share it. Indeed, there’s already enough uncertainty in the world—there’s no need to contribute to it.

Why is this so important? Because we are called to be witnesses for Yeshua (Acts 1:8). If we want to make a difference in this world for Yeshua’s Kingdom, it starts with taking the truth seriously. Not only is our personal credibility on the line, but also the credibility of our Messiah since we are His representatives. If we are known for spreading false reports, we bring shame to His name, and there is no reason for anyone to take us seriously when we do share the truth.

The world is hungry for something different, friends. In the midst of the chaos and instability, there is a desire for truth like never before. Not only should you know the truth, but you should also be a trustworthy witness so that people will be willing to hear the truth from you.

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