The Storm Will Pass

I love to be outside in Yahweh’s beautiful creation. Not too long ago, I spent some time in the woods. I was a good distance from the truck, but I didn’t realize it until the sky started to darken and I heard thunder. A storm was coming. But it was too late. I knew there was no way I’d make it back to my vehicle.

Where can you go to escape a thunderstorm when you’re in the middle of the woods? I hunkered down in a place I felt was the safest and waited for the storm to pass. I prayed, “Yah, please watch over me and protect me.” It wasn’t long before the rain started. It fell so hard and loud that it sounded like a waterfall. The lightning cracked and the wind blew. I thought a couple of times that it may be a tornado.

After a while the storm began to pass, each crack of thunder quieter than the last one. The rain had stopped, but water still dripped heavily from off of the leaves. I was soaking wet and started to feel a little cold. The sound of dripping slowed and the sound of the birds soon took front stage. It was amazing how fast the storm came and went, even though it seemed to last forever when I was stuck in it.

As I made my way back to the truck, I felt a little uncomfortable from being soaking wet, but man, how cool it was to literally sit in a storm. When I got into the truck, Luke 6:48-50 came to mind. Remember when Yeshua was walking on the water and was about to pass by the disciples in the boat? They thought they had seen a ghost. They called out to Him and He stopped. He told them, “Take courage! It is I. Do not be afraid.” And when He climbed in the boat, the storm subsided.

As I thought about that scripture, it dawned on me that He was about to pass them by. In other words, if they had not called out to Him, I believe He would have kept going in the direction He was headed. Also, He was far enough away from the boat that they did not recognize Him. Logically, because He was a distance away, it took Him some amount of time to get to them and step into the boat and calm the storm.

What a great example of storms in the believer’s life. In the midst of the storm (trials and tribulations), we cry out to Yahweh. When it takes a while for the storm to pass, the complaint some believers have is, “Yahweh is not hearing me.” I’ve been there myself. But let’s remember the scripture. When they called out, He answered with words of encouragement. In other words, He said, “You’re going to be okay.” Hang in there. The Father hears us when we cry out to Him:

The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. (Psalm 34:17)

Sometimes it takes Him a while to get in the boat and calm the storm, and I believe the reason is that He is trying to teach us to trust Him in the storm and know He is there. You know the disciples kept their eyes on Him as He came toward them. We to are to keep our eyes on Him during life’s storms. I believe He also wants us to know that whatever storms we have in our lives will pass. So the next time you cry out, know that He hears you. Keep your eyes on Him and, at His appointed time, He will enter your boat and calm your storm.

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